Residential Green Roofing in Hamilton

If you are a Hamilton homeowner in search of an environmentally friendly alternative for your home’s roof then you should strongly consider the many benefits that a green roof could provide. In essence, a green roof involves growing plants and other types of vegetation on the uppermost layer of your home. While this novel approach may seem a little out there, the fact of the matter is that green roofs are quick becoming one of the hottest trends across the world. In Hamilton, Leonard Family Exteriors Inc. is one of the pioneers in the green roof game and we use the latest and most innovative techniques to guarantee real and lasting results for your home. So, if you want the very best for your Hamilton home then you need to contact Leonard Family Exteriors Inc. today.

Benefits of A Green Roof

The simple fact of the matter is that green roofs provide homeowners in Hamilton, the wider community, and the environment in general with a broad range of advantages and benefits that really shouldn’t be underestimated. So extensive are the benefits of green roofs that it is necessary to compartmentalize the range of advantages into three distinct categories: the homeowner, the Hamilton community, and the environment.

Building Owners

  • On average, a green roof will expand the lifespan of your home’s roof by fifty or sixty years.
  • A green roof is a surefire way of reducing air-conditioning costs in your home.
  • Similarly, this type of roof is also a perfect way of lowering winter heating costs.
  • On top of that, a green roof is also a perfect tool for reducing the damage from stormy weather.
  • If you want to transform dead space in your home or apartment block then a green roof is an excellent way of achieving this goal.


  • A green roof, or series of green roofs in Hamilton or any other community for that matter provide a range of advantages. Reducing storm-water runoff is one of the biggest advantages in this respect.
  • Green roofs can reduce the “heat island” effect that is commonplace in many towns or cities.
  • Another benefit that green roofs provide at a community level include the reduction of smog and air quality.
  • This type of roof also reduces noise and energy demand.
  • Green roofs improve the natural esthetics of a community easily.
  • Finally, green roofs in a specific area of Hamilton provide additional green space.

Green Roof Team Near Me

If you are looking to install a green roof in your Hamilton home or want to convert your existing roof into something more environmentally friendly, then you really need to contact Leonard Family Exteriors Inc. today.